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Where Crypto Meets Horror

Origins :

Nestled in the digital snowdrifts of the blockchain, Santa Claws Coin was born out of a late-night storytelling session about the legendary figure known as Evil Santa Claws. From stealing happiness to flying with dragons, the tales of this anti-Santa captured the imagination of a group of meme enthusiasts and developers. Deciding that the world of crypto needed a coin with a festive yet mischievous twist, Santa Claws Coin was minted.

Vision :

Unlike other meme coins, Santa Claws Coin isn’t just for show! While its origin might be rooted in shadowy tales, the mission of Santa Claws Coin is crystal clear: to merge fun, fantasy, and finance in a way that no other meme coin has before.


Phase 1
The Haunting Begins
  • Set goals and outcomes for presale.
  • Design tokenomics for presale.
  • Research crypto landscape and competitors.
Phase 2
Summoning Rituals & Presale Hexes
  • Define token's name, logo, representation.
  • Create landing page.
  • Execute presale.
  • Remaining presale and marketing tokens will be Burned
Phase 3
DEX Descent into Darkness
  • Partner with popular DEX platforms.
  • Provide liquidity. LP Tokens will be burned
  • Announce airdrops and listing details.
Phase 4
CEX's Cursed Chambers
  • Collaborate with CEX for promotions.
  • Listing on Tier 1,2,3 CEX's
  • Update and engage community.

Initial Market Cap $150,000

How to Buy?

  • Set Up MetaMask or Trust Wallet: Download and install MetaMask from your browser's extension store or mobile app store.
  • Our Dapp will ask you to switch network if you are not on BNB Chain.
  • Buy BUSD and USDT on Binance (ensure BEP-20 version). Send them to your MetaMask's BSC address.
  • Make sure you have sufficient BNB in your wallet to pay gas fees.
  • Approve the Transaction and Buy $CLAWS !!!
Refer and Earn

We offer a $50 reward in $CLAWS tokens for each successful referral you introduce who commits a minimum of $50 during the presale. These $CLAWS tokens will be airdropped post the conclusion of the presale. Each wallet is limited to a maximum of 10 referrals, and the total reward is capped at $500 per account.

Santa Claws

Jingle bells, ghostly yells, Santa's on his way...!!

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